Supercomputer Gallery

Being in computer science, and having too much time on my hands, I thought I'd post some photos I have of myself with various computers. So, without further delay I present: Supercomputers and I; past and 'present'.

Cray 1

A Cray-1, this was the first supercomputer. This computer had a single vector CPU, and could be equiped with up to 1 GB of memory.

Cray J90

A Cray J90, this machine has 8, 300Mhz CPUs and I'm not sure how much memory.

Here is another photo of the same machine (sans me).

Sharcnet at Western

Each node in this cluster has 4, 866Mhz Alpha CPUs (and I'm not sure how much memory). I believe there are 72 nodes at this site. My younger brother is also in this picture.

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