So you've pooched your Belkin KVM (F1DS104P)...

I tried flashing my KVM and now it the mouse doesn't work and I can't flash it back!

I recently bought a Belkin KVM to replace an aging Startech unit. The Startech one couldn't handle a wheelmouse for some reason, and I was getting quite annoyed. I installed the Belkin unit and everything worked great...enter Linux. If I switched the KVM between Windows PCs, everything was fine. Switching to a Linux system was another story...the mouse would behave erratically. I searched around on the web and found out that there was an updated firmware available...."Great" I thought, "I'll just install this and be on my way..." Wrong.

Needless to say, the flashing utilities are terrible. There's a DOS based one that looked semi-promising, except when I tried to use it, it would stop flashing part way, and that was that. The Windows 2000/XP based utility (which requires a special driver...get it here) would report a "Transmit Error" every time I tried it.

After several failed flash attempts I found that the mouse now only worked on Port 1, regardless of what machine the KVM was set to (the keyboard was still cool, but the mouse, ALWAYS on port 1...).

Panicked, I found someone else on the web who had a similar problem. Their solution was to use the Windows utility, but leave the power to the KVM off (so unplug all the PCs from it), until they were ready to flash. They plugged the KVM in (for power) and clicked the "Update" (or whatever it says) button in the utility. Alias! It worked for me. Sure, the KVM still doesn't work properly in Linux (I must disconnect and reconnect the mouse when switching over to it), but at least the unit isn't totally pooched.

Good luck!

By Dan Santoni