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Why this website
I registered the santoni.ca domain name so that I could have a permanent, ISP independent e-mail address (not rogers.com or sympatico.ca). It's also happened to provide a handy place to post various images, programs, and other stuff that I'm working on.

About Me
I am a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Master of Science in Computer Science. Currently, I am a software developer working for a small company in my hometown of Burlington, Ontario. I have programming experience with a variety of languages and environments. My experience includes:
• C/C++
• Java
• C#.NET and, to a lesser degree, Visual Basic.NET
• SQL in general (practical experience with SQL Server, MySQL and DB2)
• SPARC Assembly
• Others...but probably not worth mentioning

Lately I've been doing most work with C# (along with ASP.NET) and MySQL.

Some projects I have worked on (for school and for fun) include:
Animal Scramble
Tagging Technology for the Masses - This is a project I worked on with Trevor Maynard.

I can be reached via e-mail at (remove the spaces): dan @ santoni . ca

Tutorials - These are some tutorials and guides I have written to help others over the years.
Pictures of me with various supercomputers - This page affirms my nerdiness. :)
Steve Goodall's Homepage - UWO friend (graduated).
Gordon Melvin's Homepage - UWO friend (graduated).
Mike Burrell's Homepage - UWO friend (MSc).

UWO Computer Science Dept. - This is the homepage of my department at UWO!
WLUG - This is the Western Linux User's Group
Network Traffic Analyser - This is a small package for Linux which will give a nice summary of your internet usage.
MythTV - This is a collection of programs to turn your Linux box into a PVR. It's a chore to set up, but well worth it if you have an extra PC lying around.

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